How to Increase Traffic of New or Struggling Websites?

Many websites struggle for increase web traffic. Occasionally it’s due to a Google upgrade. For many others, it is because the site is still brand new. Now, the first thing in your mind comes, what to do for increase web-traffic. There’s a way to increase new sources of web traffic. Now, you definitely think about social media or paid promotion for your website. No, in this article I will tell you about the new Google Algotherm change, and what you should need to do to increase free website traffic. Let’s begin.

Google explains freshness within the context of relevance:

we’re making a significant improvement to our ranking algorithm that impacts roughly 35 percent of searches and better determines when to give you more up-to-date relevant results for these varying degrees of freshness.”

Now, What does it mean?

There is a notion that Google favors “new” content. That is not entirely accurate. The notion comes from a mistake of Google’s freshness algorithm. The freshness algorithm boosts fresh content when it’s trending. The freshness algorithm isn’t about boosting latest published content. It is about boosting content that is trending.

Don’t try to cheat google by changing content or rearrange words, in the hope that Google will see it as fresh. This will not work. Let me tell you distinction between changing articles and updating articles. Changing articles content doesn’t mean it is up to date. It is only rearranging words. Updating articles content signifies, which makes it up-to-date. Which means the information in the article is fresh and informative.

Now, What to do about with Google new algorithm?

Definitely, first thing in your mind it to change the post or article publishing date. But, this will not working.

According to Latest Google algorithm the Content should be about 100% Relevance. New content or post should be relevant to a individual trying to find, with most recent information. So, let’s think like this, and your work becomes simpler and easier, to creating a new post and topic. Which is more relevant to the user and informative. And, definitely increase your website traffic.

Always focus on current events. Events such as news, politics, entertainment and sports are significant at a certain moment. Anything that’s new is that a decent topics for rank new pages and build traffic quickly. That’s the sort of material which Google might rank quicker for a brand new internet.

Now, What is Brand New Content?

Brand new content Is all about relevance.New Content is not about just changes the content, it about the content relevance. You have to make content relevant and informative.Publishers should focusing on user demand. When users want content about new topics, just give them.

Evergreen articles are data which does not change or affect by google update. For instance, the fundamentals for developing a plant never changes. A brand-new site will struggle ranking with evergreen content from based websites. Therefore, don’t focus of evergreen article just focus on trending topics.

Publishing articles in trending topics is a beneficial approach for new sites. It brings users into the trending subject who might subsequently stick around for a number of the evergreen topics.

Consistently adding content that’s relevant to users and performing it on a regular basis is the key to becoming a successful site. Devoting time to trending articles is a fantastic approach to increase website traffic rapidly.

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