Apple’s App Store Guidelines Revised is a Bad Experience for Customers, “Microsoft said”

Microsoft has called Apple’s revised App Store Instructions For streaming solutions”a terrible experience.” Apple has been forced to revise its App Store guidelines revolving around game streaming solutions like Microsoft’s xCloud or even Google’s Stadia creating their way to iOS or even iPadOS.

The Cupertino giant has enabled such services on its Program Store, but with major caveats which Microsoft allegedly does not agree with. In an statement delivered to an internet publication, Microsoft said it doesn’t want gamers to need to download over 100 apps to play individual games.

This came following Google and Microsoft, both decided to not Launch their streaming solutions on iOS and iPad OS devices due to Apple’s principles.

While Apple has now allowed for game streaming solutions to Exist on its own stage, it asked the organizations to submit each match separately for review, and their sport streaming services need to become catalogues that basically link out to each individual game app.

Microsoft responded to Apple’s App Store changes within an Statement into The Verge,”That remains a terrible experience for clients. Gamers want to jump directly into a match by their curated catalogue within a single program like they do with movies or songs, and not be forced to download over 100 apps to play individual games in your cloud.

We’re dedicated to putting gamers at the center of Everything we do, also offering a great experience is core to this mission.” By mentioning”films or music”, Microsoft appears to be hinting at Netflix, Spotify, along with other streaming programs which do not need to submit each picture or song for review.

Another reason why Microsoft does not approve of this Revision to App Store instructions is that submitting each program separately to Apple will subject it on the 30 percent decrease which Cupertino giant takes from in-app purchases.

In-app buys and Apple’s 30 percent commission will be the Reasons that have caused Apple to be entangled in a legal conflict with Epic Games. It has also led to an investigation to Apple’s App Store pay service

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